We are dedicated to empowering people and communities affected by HIV through testing, prevention, support and education, AIDS Outreach serves Gallatin, Park and Madison Counties, Montana.

We are also committed to reducing the transmission of HIV, along with eliminating the stigma and shame associated with the virus.

Founded in 2006 to:

1. Provide critical support for people affected with HIV/AIDS

2. Address an overall lack of awareness regarding HIV and AIDS in southwest Montana

We offer anonymous HIV and Syphilis testing and support. If you need additional confirmatory testing for either HIV or syphilis, AIDS Outreach will make sure you get to the right place. Even if you don’t have a healthcare provider or insurance, we will make sure that you are treated with respect and correct follow-up testing is done.

Annually, we hold our fundraiser the Red Ribbon Ball, held on or near December 1st, in order to coincide with the commemoration of World AIDS Day.

AIDS Outreach also offers services to those
already living with HIV, such as:

Support groups

Individual counseling

Financial assistance (e.g., food, clothing, shelter, medical treatment, etc.)

Direct outreach and support for families and caregivers

Other services we provide are:

Free Condoms

HIV education

Referrals for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Board Members:



Bob moved to Bozeman from New York City, where he experienced many personal losses during the height of the AIDS Crisis. He worked as a caregiver in the AIDS Ward of New York’s St. Vincent Hospital and has also been involved with several LGBT organizations, such as Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS and the Yale Gay and Lesbian Alumni (GALA) association. As the Executive Director of AIDS Outreach, he now seeks to share his experiences and knowledge with the local community in order to educate and empower all those who are affected by HIV. Additionally, Bob is committed to serving as a mentor to young people who are struggling here in Montana to express their own queer identities.

Headshot Damian


Damian Guillén has been an AIDS Outreach board member since 2017. As an advocate of the LGBTQ community, he is honored to serve on a board dedicated to empowering individuals affected by HIV and providing free testing services to our community. As a cisgender gay man, he knows all too well the importance of HIV prevention through education, testing, and community resources. Damian, a former music professor, enjoys listening and playing music, reading, and spending time with his friends and family.

Carlos Headshot1


Carly Meyers has been on the board since 2014. Her background in various aspects of healthcare policy and development make her a valued member of the team. The reason she enjoys being on this board is because it gives her the opportunity to directly serve those in our community living with HIV and to promote prevention by providing resources and education. Carly enjoys spending time with her husband and can often be seen traveling, gardening, playing board games, or doing various outdoor activities.



Hi I’m Colette. I’m a graduate of Montana State University with a degree in Community Health. I started with AIDS Outreach back in 2011 when I met Greg Smith when he presented at my Human Sexuality class. Something in that talk encouraged me to learn more about HIV, AIDS and the local organization. I became the intern for the organization at that time. I later became a certified HIV tester. I am currently a tester and board member.



Cindi Spinelli has been on the board of AIDS Outreach since 2014. She is also one of the two Ryan White case managers for Gallatin County. Cindi is passionate about advocating for and working with people living with HIV. She has been volunteering with HIV service organizations since she was a teenager. Her biggest dream is to one day be an “advanced beginner“ Italian speaker.

Karynn Headshot


Karynne Cabral has been on the board of AIDS Outreach since 2016. She joined during her Master’s program at Montana State University. Karynne is passionate about promoting safe sex and clean needle exchange. You may see her downtown giving out free condoms! Karynne is dedicated about advocating for and working with people living with HIV. Her in free time she hikes and runs the mountains around Bozeman.



Greg is a priest and mental health therapist–both of which allow him a unique glimpse into our common humanity. He has an interest in helping people live authentic and beautiful lives. Growing up in a small town in Montana, Greg desired to attend seminary in Rome after graduating high school. He was an active priest for 10 years before coming out and moving to Seattle, where he earned an MA from Seattle University, landing him a position at Seattle Counseling Service (a Pride Foundation grantee). Upon finishing his experiencing in Seattle, Greg moved back to Montana where he became a passionate HIV educator and advocate for HIV-infected people, eventually serving on the Montana HIV planning Group for six years and leading AIDS Outreach in Bozeman for five years. He officially transitioned to become an Episcopal priest in 2015, serving as a priest part-time while running his full-time counseling practice which focuses on assisting LGBTQ persons and their families.